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Vktech Solar Snake Repeller

Vktech Solar Snake Repeller

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The Vktech Solar for snakes is amazing. I have not seen any more since putting them in my yard

Linda, Amazon

The Vktech Solar Snakes Rattlesnake Repeller is unique in the snake repellent industry because it’s the only sonic/vibration device we know of specifically to repel snakes, there is no other device like it on the market.

There is a lot of debate about whether these devices actually work or not, so we’ve prepared a graph to show real users real results using this device to keep snakes away. Most reviews rate products on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, but with repellents, you just want to know if they work or not right? Of course the manufacturer will always tell you it works, but what about real people who have actually used it?

That’s where our snake away graph comes in! We’ve collated and analyzed every review for this product there is, and categorized each review into a simple “Yes it Worked“, or “No it Didn’t“. This should give you a great insight into how effective this product is at repelling snakes.

vtech snake repeller

81% Customer Satisfaction

I must admit these results surprised me. There are some people who say that these devices are a waste of time, however they are clearly in the minority with a massive 81% of customers satisfied that the Vktech Solar Snakes Rattlesnake Repeller does the job and keeps snakes off their property.

How the Vktech Solar Snake Repeller repels snakes

So how does this device work?

Once the unit is charged by sunlight, its starts emitting a barely perceptible pulse, or wave of vibration. This drives away floor and underground animals, including snakes.  Snakes are sensitive to ground vibrations and they perceive the vibration as a danger, which encourages them to leave the area without causing them any harm.


Vktech Solar Snake Repeller Feature list

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • Powered by solar energy, rechargeable battery included
  • Pulsing vibration waves to repel animals
  • Effective against snakes
  • Effective against moles
  • Effective against voles
  • Solar panels power: 4V/ 45mA
  • Made of ABS head unit and aluminium tube


Vktech Solar Snake Repeller Images

Advantages of the Vktech Solar Snake Repeller

  • Solar powered, no need to keep replacing batteries.
  • No harm caused to snakes
  • Super fast easy install
  • No maintenance
  • No chemicals
  • Child and pet safe
  • Portable (useful for camping trips etc)


  • Being solar powered these units must be placed to capture sunlight for at least part of the day


Use the table below to get the best out of your Vtech snake repellent

V-tech advertise this unit as a rattlesnake repellent, however there are plenty of reviews of this device repelling many different types of snake.
The unit is designed to be used outdoors, however we would advise placing these somewhere to reduce the potential of driving rain, or drips for overhanging roofs or shrubs. 
The solar power charges the included battery to ensure continued protection through the night. 

Tips for the Vktech Solar Snake Repeller

In addition to the advice given above, we would recommend that these devices are spaced around 20-30 meters apart. If you have a small garden, one will suffice, however if you have a large property the effectiveness of the product is hugely improved by installing multiple devices at this spacing.



We were hugely surprised by this product. There is a pretty damning review by a snake professional on YouTube, however as shown by our customer satisfaction survey at the top of this review, people who use it love it!

It is also environmentally friendly, does not uses chemicals, does not smell, and, according to people who actually use it, it works!


Customer Reviews for the Vktech Solar Snake Repeller

Greg from
So far so good. They’ve been installed for a little over a week now and no snakes
CN from
taken on several camping trips and it’s great!
Graham from
I have had them in front of my house for about a month and I have not seen a snake yet. Before I put them out (I bought two).. I saw at least three snakes a day.
Linda from
The Vktech Solar for snakes is amazing. I have not seen any more since putting them in my yard


  1. Can you please explain to your site visitors how you can conclude that the evidence that your repeller works is that 81% of customers are satisfied? That’s not evidence that it works, that’s evidence that people who spent their money on it THINK it works. Have you done ANY actual tests?

    • Hi Shayne

      Thanks for your question, it’s a good one! First please note this is not “our” repeller, this snake repeller is manufactured by VKTech and sold by Amazon. The 81% customer satisfaction that is represented in the graph above is an aggregate score taken from verified customer’s reports from a variety of sources. In this way our readers can see at a glance how each device is rated by actual users. Hope that helps!

  2. how large of an area do these cover. I have 3 acres to do.

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