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Sweeney’s All Out Snake Repellent

Sweeney’s All Out Snake Repellent

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“I had a snake basically living in my back yard under the siding for years. I eventually tried sweeny’s and never saw the snake again. I would highly recommend sweenys, you won’t be disappointed!”

JD verified buyer


Sweeney’s All Out snake repellent is another granular solution to keeping your property snake free.  What I liked about Sweeny’s product is that they are very honest with their packaging and claims. While some snake repellent granules steer clear or make exaggerated claims on the subject of longevity, Sweenys are quite up front about it, saying that their product will repel snakes for 30 days. This allows you to estimate ow much of the product your are going to need to keep your property safe from snakes during snake season. One packet does 200 feet, which should be enough or most perimeter, or known snake access points.


How Sweeney’s All Out Snake Repellent work

Sweeney’s works by agitating the snakes sense organ and making it uncomfortable for the snake to stay in that area due to the disruption to its olfactory sense organ. The two main active ingredients in this product are cedar oil and cinnamon oil with a small amount of clove oil.

Sweeney’s All Out snake repellent Feature list

Here’s the features list for these snake repellent granules.

  • 30 Day protection from snakes
  • Effective against many snakes including garter snakes
  • Sweet Smell
  • Fantastic customer feedback

Sweeney’s All Out snake repellent Images

Advantages of Sweeney’s All Out snake repellent

  • Child Safe
  • Pet Safe
  • Plant Safe
  • Sweet smell


  • 1-2 month top up required


Use the table below to see answers to frequent questions about this product

No, after heavy rain you may have to reapply this product.
Apply on a dry calm day to prevent the granules dissipating in the wind
There are some customer reports that this product is effective against diamond back snakes. 

Tips for Sweeney’s All Out snake repellent

This product lasts for around 30 days so it is important to maximize the effect and longevity.  We would recommend not watering around the granules when carrying out garden maintenance as this can reduce the lifespan of the granules.

Watch this video and then read our tip below…

There is a problem with the example shown in this video. The first step in removing snakes from your property is to remove anything that snakes find attractive, and that includes woodpiles. Spreading snake repellent around woodpiles is really a half hearted attempt at repelling snakes. In a situation like this, you should remove the wood and clean the area up first, then spread the snake repellent in order to dissuade snakes from returning to the area. Do this and you stand a far greater chance of keeping snakes of your property.

Finally, it is important to store unused granules in a dry place. The Sweeney bag is resealable thanks to a plastic zipper so make sure it is closed tight and away from damp areas.



Sweeneys All Out snake repellent certainly has a nicer smell than the other granular snake repellents we have tried, and that is something you may wish to consider if you spend a lot of time out in the garden, or the area you are trying to protect.  Researching this product we were struck by the number of positive reviews on various websites, to the point we would say that these granules are probably the most loved snake repellent on the market today.


Customer Reviews for Sweeney’s All Out

YY Petco
We had garter snakes seen on multiple places in the yard before. Since we applied this around the house and along the driveway, we haven’t seen them.
LJohnson verified buyer
Sweeney’s has a very sweet odor which repels snakes. I like the stuff.
Gypsy from verified buyer
we put it around the property last year and haven’t seen any snakes.
summer from
we were using it for garters and it works for them

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