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Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent

Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent

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“No snakes so far!!  I will definitely reorder…”

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Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent

Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent is a popular snake repellent not least because it comes with some credentials not seen with other snake repellents. Firstly, it’s produced with a time release formula that liquid fence claim means a longer lasting effect.  This addresses one of the problems with granular snake repellents in that usually the effect wears off and requires frequent re-application. Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent’s time release feature this is not so much of an issue and  the product should last longer than competing products.

Secondly liquid fence is scientifically tested and proven effective, not something that all snake repellents can claim. This is probably why this particular snake repellent is one of the highest selling repellents.

How Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent works

As with most granular snake repellents available on the market,  Liquid Fence works by disrupting a snake’s sense organ, making it uncomfortable without causing harm. This encourages the snake to slither away from the source of the discomfort.

Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent Description

  • totally natural repellent
  • Confuse a snake’s sense of smell, thus deterring snake intrusion
  • timed-release  formula means highly effective and long lasting
  • biodegradable environmentally friendly
  • Main Ingredients : Mint Oil (6%), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 3%
  • Other Ingredients :  Sorbic Acid Patassuim Salt, Sodium Benzoate


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Advantages of the Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent

  • Contains NO Naphthalene (a EPA Group C, possible human carcinogen)
  • time-release formula means highly effective and long lasting
  • Fresh Botanical Scent
  • scientifically tested and proven effective


  • We would not recommend this product if you have dogs, as they do like to eat these up before the snakes have been repelled. If you have dogs please try Dr.T’s Snake Repellent.
  • Please check the packaging is intact on receipt as there are some complaints that the seal is broken in transit. In this case return in 30 days for replacement.


Use the table below for frequently asked questions and answers about Liquid Fence.

I’d like to avoid using the stock “how long is a piece of string” answer, but there are several factors that will impact on the longevity of this product. Where this product differs though is thanks to the time release feature which does mean that liquid fence should last longer than most competing granules. Wind, rain and general foot traffic will impact on the overall duration of the maximum effective period however.
The instructions supplied give an idea of how much granules to spread, however we would advise to err on the heavy side, make it a thick band of granules to maximise the effect and keep snakes at bay. This product comes in different sizes of container, buy the biggest one you can afford and spread this stuff like confetti at a wedding and you’ll do great. 
This product is designed to be effective against poisonous snakes, your mileage may vary with smaller types of snake that do not cause any danger. 

Tips for the Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent

If you can identify where snakes are coming in to your property, perhaps through a gate opening, then a liberal spreading of this snake repellent will make a huge difference and stop snakes from entering your property. Please see some of the customer reviews below for more on this.



Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent ticks for a few boxes for us. The main one being that there are so many happy customers using this product to keep their pets safe and their gardens free of snakes. We also like the longevity of this particular product thanks to their time release formula. Highly Recommended!


Customer Reviews for the Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent

snakehater from
Last year we had 4 snakes inside our courtyard/pool area. I used the product in front of all the gates to our courtyard/pool area …no snakes so far!!  I will definitely reorder!!
classicrock from
We like this product and it seems to work in keeping copperheads out of our backyard.
SH from
I have a court yard with a pool that has three entrance gates. I live an a coastal area with many snakes. The first summer I lived here we have 4 snakes inside the courtyard. Last summer, I used this product (once per month) in front of my gates and had ZERO snakes in the courtyard. I know it is not fool-proof, but I am definitely sold on it!
Leslie from
 It seems to work. Thank you, because I freak at the sight of a rattlesnake!
Thomas from
Early this summer a neighbor killed a Eastern Rattle Snake n their yard. . I placed liquid fence all around my property line– no snakes even though the back yard faces a large wooded lot.

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