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Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap

Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap

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“I caught a good sized snake on one and it did not get loose” Customer Review

If you are looking for a method to stop stops gaining access to your property, there is no doubt that this solution works. The versions used in this review were professional strength trays used by the pro’s and available from the links on this page.


How the Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap works

The glue “traps” are basically plastic trays covered in an extremely effective glue. The glue is so effective it will even stop a mouse running across it, so as you can imagine, a snake that slithers across this surface has no chance of escape.

Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap Feature list

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • 0.8 x 5.3 x 11.4 inches
  • Non-Toxic
  • Disposable
  • Ready to Use
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes Hercules Putty™ fastener
  • Safer to Use Around Children and Pets than other pesticides.


Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap Images

Advantages of the Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap

  • non toxic!
  • extremely effective


  • Dealing with trapped animals is not for the squeamish
  • Check local laws regarding snakes, they may be protected, meaning you have to release any captured snakes.


Frequently asked questions about snake glue traps.

No, there is no poison in the snake trap. The snake will remain alive in the trap until it dies of natural causes or it is disposed of humanely by the authorities.
If a small dog or puppy, or even a cat, becomes stuck on the tray, simply use cooking oil to free it.
In order to release the trapped snake, rat or mouse you can put the trap into a box, then pour in some vegetable oil. The creature can then free itself through moving around allowing the oil to circulate and eventually release.

When applying the vegetable oil make sure you cover the entire trap. Once you’ve done this you may need to help the snake free by gently pushing it’s skin with a blunt plastic utensil. Gently do this around the entire body and it will become free. Obviously with a venomous snake, you may wish to start from the tail end!

Keep a damp towel handy to hold the snake once you have it free. Carry it to your release point and let it slither free.

Tips for the Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap

Purchase a plastic storage box to put your trapped animals in, add vegtable oil and they can free themselves from the tray before you free them back into the wild, preferably a long distance from your property!

We would suggest also ordering a set of heavy duty gloves for handling these traps.



These glue traps are extremely effective for a huge number of small unwanted house intruders. As customer reviews point out, they work very well against snakes, so if you need to rid your property of invading snakes, this is the proven way to do it.

Because they are diposable, non toxic and inexpensive, they are the most effective product we have reviewed. Snakes simply cannot escape this glue.


Customer Reviews for the Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap

spotsmum from
These work great — I’ve caught 4 little garden snakes already
gamermarv from
Caught a gosh darn snake when I was trying to catch rats
Julia from
these traps are fantastically effective and we plan to buy these again should we ever need to

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