Snake Repellent reviews to keep snakes away!

Do Snake Repellents Work

Like most animals, snakes are creatures of habit. Once you understand those habits, and once you understand what makes a snake tick, you are well prepared to effectively rid your property of snakes. So let’s get down to business with a quick lesson on snake biology, followed by a looks at snake habits and how we can learn to combat snakes through this information, and finally we’ll look at the various snake repellents on the market and discover if snake repellents work. The results may surprise you, and some manufacturers are not going to like this – but we need to know the truth, so lets get down to it…

Do Snake Repellents Work?


Snake repellents fall into three categories, granules, electronic and glue traps. Strictly speaking a glue trap is not a repellent though, it is a trap; considering that, we won’t discuss snake traps in this article, apart from to say that they certainly do trap snakes.

Before we can investigate if snake repellents work, we have to understand the biology of snakes as understanding what makes a snake tick, is going to help us keep snakes away from our property.

Understanding Snake Biology


As snakes are reptiles, they are cold blooded, and knowing this is going to help us reduce the chances of coming across a snake around our house and pool. Because a snake is cold blooded, they cannot regulate their body temperature like a human does. As such, a snakes body temperature is strictly affected by its environment. This is known as behavioral thermoregulation. Understanding that a snake cannot regulate its own body temperature helps explain snake movements, as explained in the next section….

Understanding snake behavior


A snakes movements will be driven in the main by two things, the desire to eat, and the desire to stay cool. If you are offering snakes a cool place to stop over, that is the first thing to address.

Tip No.1


See that wood pile you have out the back, or that pile of leaves you never shifted? That is like honey to a bear on a hot day, the snake will immediately recognise the wood pile as somewhere it can cool down. This is our first tip to keeping snakes away – do not offer them a haven from the sun!

Tip No.2


Secondly, do you have a mouse problem? Or lots of frogs? If so, you are giving snakes another reason to enter your property – food! Take active steps to make your property vermin free and remove another reason for snakes to invade your grounds.

With these two steps considered and action taken, you will have made huge strides towards keeping snakes away.


Tip No.3


It is possible to construct an snake fence around the perimeter of the area to be protected. The fence should be made of a fine mesh and be at least a meter tall. It should be constructed to have an outward slant, to deter snakes from climbing.


Final steps for repelling snakes…


Even if you clean up your yard and kill off all the vermin, if you live in a part of the world that snakes flourish, there’s a good chance an occasional random snake will still come investigating, so what can you do then? Well, it is at this point you need to turn to snake repellents.

As mentioned above there are two commercially available snake repellents, granuleselectronic. Let’s deal with perhaps the most controversial first, electronic snake repellents.

Electronic Snake Repellents

These are basically devices that are planted in the ground and vibrate, sending a pulse out through the ground. The theory is that snakes find this vibration intolerable and immediately slither off to somewhere more comfortable. The theory sounds reasonable, after all if you were lying in bed and it was constantly shaking, you would find that kind of annoying too! However, theory doesn’t always translate into cold hard fact, and some experts would argue this is the case with these snake repellents.

However, if you ask people who actually use electronic snake repellents, you find that they are highly recommended and the massive majority of actual owners give this product the thumbs up. We actually carried out a statistical survey to gauge the effectiveness of this product, and the results were surprising.

The main benefits of electronic snake repellents is that they are chemical free, 2 minute setup, and no maintenance.

To answer the question though, do electronic snake repellents work? Our research has shown that snake professionals have doubts over the effectiveness of these products and instead promote the tips shown above to maintain a tidy yard and reduce the interest level of snakes in the area. Conversely there is strong support for the products from actual consumers who are delighted with the results, ie a snake free yard. You can see the results of our statistical survey into the effectiveness of electronic snake repellents in the graph below.

electronic snake repeller effectiveness

Granular Snake Repellents

Combined, granular snake repellents sell more than any other type of snake repellent. There are several different suppliers of granular snake repellents and each of their products differ slightly in the ingredients used to prepare them. They are all similar in the way in which the work, and that is to disrupt the snakes natural ability to sense their surroundings. The effect is temporary and does not harm the snake, but it does require that the snake comes into contact with the granules, and this is why a boundary of granules are required to me spread around the perimeter of the property to be protected from snakes. Although composed of chemicals these are approved for use and contain natural harmless ingredients, the only side effect of some of these products is an uncomfortable pungent smell. The two ingredients common to most snake repellents are pulverized sulfur and naphthalene.

Similarly to our conclusions regarding electronic devices above, there is a mixed opinion regarding the effectiveness of granular snake deterrents. We will be publishing the results  of our survey into customer satisfaction with granular snake repellents shortly!



For more information on understanding snakes, you can view this document.