Snake Repellent reviews to keep snakes away!

Best Snake Deterrents Rated by Customers

Snake Deterrents – Finding a Reliable Source

For sure each snake deterrent manufacturer will advertise that their product is the one to use if you wish to keep snakes off your property or out of your yard. If you are looking for more than mothballs and an unbiased opinion from people who really know how good a certain product is at deterring snakes, where do you go? Of course we like to think that our snake repellent reviews are unbiased and informative, however to be really sure how well a product works against snakes, we need volume of opinion. That accepted, most people head off to and look at the star ratings left by actual customers, but there is a huge risk here, read on to find out why you must not trust Amazon star ratings!

The Problem with Amazon Reviews

If you’ve ever spent any time reading the actual reviews that customers leave on Amazon rather than just glancing at the average star ratings, you’ll know exactly where I am going with this; people will mark a product down for the most crazy of reasons. We’ve seen products with 1 star because the customer didn’t like the packaging, or because they didn’t realize that the batteries came separately. Forget that once they had the product it actually functioned perfectly, some customers will mark a product down because of a largely irrelevant reason. They will use the rating system to rate Amazon instead of the product!

That’s one reason you cannot go by the star rating. Another equally valid issue is particularly relevant to repellents; several animal repellents on the market will advertise that they are effective against many different kinds of animal, for example snakes, cats, dogs, vermin, deers, racoons etc. So what happens now is that someone has problems with racoons coming into their property and they purchase a multi-animal deterrent. When they find that racoons are still coming in, they give the product a 1 star rating, BUT this product might do very well against snakes, however unless you read the full review, you will never know this, and will dismiss the product based on the star ratings.

So what’s the solution? The answer is to strip out all the reviews that are commenting on aspects other than actual results with deterring snakes. Ignore anything about packaging or other animals and just concentrate on the relevant reviews. The problem with this, is that it can be quite time consuming reading so many irrelevant comments – so we’ve done the work for you! Not only have we collated the Amazon customer comments that are specifically about snakes, but we’ve also sourced snake deterrent reviews from a number of other sources, making this the single most authoritative statistical survey on the effectiveness of snake deterrents by actual customers, anywhere!

So, let’s take a look at how every customer who ever left a snake deterrent product review rates these top products, purely on their ability to deter snakes.

Liquid Fence Snake Deterrent



As we can see from customer reviews, Liquid Fence granules resulted in 83% customer satisfaction for keeping snakes out of their yard or garden area, which is an impressive result. Until you see….

Snake A Way


Snake A Way manages 100% customer satisfaction for deterring snakes in all the reviews we collated! It’s hard to argue with that kind of success rate!


Sweeny’s All Out Snake Deterrent




While Sweeney’s All Out achieved the lowest satisfaction rating amongst those snake deterrents that we surveyed, don’t count it out. Check our summary graph below to see why…..

VKTech Snake Repellent



The VKTech snake deterrent achieved similar customer satisfaction results as Liquid Fence, so while 81% success rate is good, it still does not beat  Snake A Way.

Finally lets look at a bar chart of each of these products lined up showing now just the ratio of positive reviews against negative ones, but also the quantity of sales.

snake deterrent reviews


Here we can see that although Snake A Way has 100% satisfaction rating, they are not the best seller. The best selling snake deterrent by sheer volume is actually Sweeney’s All Out! With more than 2/3rds of customers giving Sweeney’s All Out the thumbs up,