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Vktech Solar Snake Repeller

Topping our research into customer satisfaction, this no-chemical, no battery solution to snake repelling is a massive hit with customers.

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Dr. T’s Snake A Way Snake Repelling Granules

The only EPA registered granular snake repellent product, and over 90% repellent rate against rattlesnakes and garter snakes make Dr T’s a popular choice.

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Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent

Time release formula and great reviews from satisfied customers make this one of the most popular snake repellents available.

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Sweeney’s All Out Snake Repellent

Sweet smelling and loved by snake haters all over the USA, Sweeney’s is probably the most popular granular snake repellent on the market today.

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Snake Repellent Granules by Snake-B-Gon

Snake-B-Gon is one of the most inexpensive snake repellents on the market, and as such one of the best selling. Customers also like the fresh smell, unlike some other “mothball” smelling granules like can be quite uncomfortbale to smell even for people, never mind snakes. Snake-B-Gon is only one in a long product range of animal repellents from Ortho, so these guys know their animal repellents. How the Snake Repellent Granules by Snake-B-Gon work Snake-B-Gon contains Castor Oil, Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Geraniol and Peppermint Oil. Together these ingredients provide a discomfort to the snakes senses while offering a pleasant smell to gardeners. Snake-B-Gon Feature list Here’s the features list for this model.     Snake-B-Gon Images Advantages of Snake-B-Gon Prevents snake entry Discourages snake nesting People safe Pet safe...

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Catchmaster Snake Glue Trap

Make no bones about it, these snake traps are extremely effective. If you have a snake problem, these glue boards will stop snakes in their tracks, literally!

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